Bedroom furniture

At the end of a long day, who doesn’t want to settle in and unwind in a comfortable bedroom? Whether your image of an ideal bedroom is a cozy retreat with dark woods and plush pillows or a refreshing haven with bright colors and clean lines, at Mango Furniture we’ll help you find just the right pieces to make your bedroom everything you want it to be.

At Mango Furniture, we offer a wide range of unique and beautiful furniture in a plethora of styles to fit your tastes. Our eclectic collection features solid wood furniture made with quality materials and never second-rate materials such as particle board or veneer. Our unique, 100% solid wood pieces come from a select range of furniture builders, including Miles Talbott, Tyndall Creek, Four Hands and Dovetail Furniture Collections. Every piece we offer in our showroom is guaranteed to be one of great quality at an affordable price. The pieces will last for years.

Stop by today and tell us about the space you’d like to decorate. At Mango you won’t have to deal with pushy sales staff – we’ll work with you, listen to your needs and wants, and help you find the best pieces to suit your individual style. You’ll find one-of-a-kind pieces that you’d expect to find at a high-end boutique, but at prices you can afford. You can also take advantage of our in-home designer services when you make your purchases with Mango. We’re in the Landfall Center on Military Cutoff Rd. We have 2 showrooms – come and check us out.

Let Mango Furniture Unlimited and Dovetail Furniture create a one-of-a-kind finely crafted bedroom for your home. Mango partners with only the best furniture builders in our area.  We’re proud to say they’re Made in the USA!

Let Mango Furniture United and Dovetail make your decorating dreams come to light.

Mango Furniture Unlimited partners with Four Hands Furniture to let new warmth and a sense of adventure infuse your bedroom design. With the perfect mix of elements – warm woods and cool concrete to rugged iron and sumptuous upholstery.

We change the feel of your bedroom to serve up a rich style experience. Find what you’re missing at Mango!

Push your design envelope with our Mango Select line. Each piece is handpicked to bring interesting details from found objects that are reinvented to mix in to a modern bedroom. They don’t necessarily conform to rules or standards and are often one of a kinds.

We at Mango strive to give your home the WOW factor that you can get nowhere else.